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What's in the atomizer contest?

What's in the atomizer contest?Is a design, is a process.One of the design is beyond the process, because design directly determines the use of the atomizer, ease of use, functionality. In easydrive successful launch of Atlantis atomizer, created the finished product great smoky atomizer after the classification, foreign called sub ohm tank, on the market at present there are a lot of great smoky atomizer, "now the situation is that the atomizer homogeneity serious, not much difference between products.Is at the bottom of the BVC vertical atomization core, using all of these organic cotton, air inlet are big, quantity of smoke are scary.Some of the atomizer, such as hercules, marking a ultra high wattage, but the actual high wattage, when using hot can't smoke.So great smoky atomizer in this category, have what problem is still unresolved?That is frying oil.Great smoky atomizer because the output power is big, many have hate frying oil issues, such as Atlantis, SMOK of VCT atomizer frying oil problem is better, so also a short period of time to get the recognition of many users.Mouth good piston atomizer, with a new type of drip nozzle design, from the structure completely put an end to the problems of the frying oil.Taste and other great smoky atomizer not too big difference, but you can rest assured, and renewed her smoking, don't have to worry about the problem of frying oil.From a design perspective, mouth good piston atomizer at present in the finished product great smoky atomizer classification ranking can also know that a good battery is very importance , I approve Eleaf iStick TC40w to you !