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The Benifits OF Vaping Can No Longer Be Ignored !

The iStick 100W by Eleaf builds upon the success of the previous iStick devices. Powerful vapor can be generated due to the expanded range of output voltage (2V-10V) / wattage(5W-100W). The iStick 100W features the ability to fire atomizers as low as 0.15 ohm which is perfect for blowing giant clouds and great flavor. It retains the strong spring loaded 510 contact pin and wear-resistant stainless steel threads. The iStick 100W requires (2) high amp 18650 batteries to power this incredible device which can be easily accessed using a powerful dual magnetized battery cover.

Our research has made a statement. And if the figures don’t speak for themselves, then this is the message. E-cigarettes are effective in helping users stop smoking and do not lead people to smoke. This is clear, with a 77% of vapers quitting cigarettes altogether. Their benefits can no longer be ignored. Proposals of e-cigarettes being prescribed on the NHS are being discussed, while the Tobacco Products Directive which will see a variety of absurd, unrealistic and impossible restrictions enforced is being deliberated in Parliament. It is a contradiction unseen in any other industry. And what baffles me is the sheer opposition e-cigarettes have faced every step of the way, when in fact e-cigarettes are making a positive change to millions if not a billion lives. It may not be the cure to cancer, but if anything it is a preventative measure by successfully getting people off tobacco (a known cause of cancer). We would like everyone to stop skirting around the issue and join us in embracing e-cigarettes. Then, one day, we will stub out cigarettes for good.